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After recently looking into the background of an individual called Hope Moore who has had various crowdfunding campaigns to help her raise money so she can present her QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) to the world, I seem to have uncovered (accidentally) a rather dark deceptive undertone to the alternative/truth movement. First of all I am one of those people that has no doubt that free energy is a possibility and I also believe a lot of Teslas work has been suppressed from humanity in order to maintain the current status quo, I also have little time for governments and the creeping ever so closer totalitarian world state, however at the same time this does not mean I blindly believe everything that the truth or alternative movement espouses. What I am about to present is purely for information purposes and for people to make up their own minds or arrive at their own conclusions. How I have arrived at this is by asking genuine questions about how Hope Moores free energy device works, how long it runs for and how many things it can power only to be met with evasive responses like, the schematics are there for anyone to download and build one themselves rather than just answer simple questions. So how much and how long has Hope Moore and her fix the world organisation been pushing the free energy device on people? Here are the links to the myriad of crowdfunding campaigns she has run

1) 20/11/2012 – – Target $50,000 Raised $26,362

2) 04/08/2013 – – Target $5,000 Raised $5,290

3) 27/09/2013 – – Target $40,000 Raised $3,817

4) 24/01/2014 – – Target $20,000 Raised $31,000 (the information on this one is the detail of the QEG device along with the slightly amended tesla schematic that people can follow to build it)

5) 12/03/2014 – – Target $6,460 Raised $8,062

So  in the space of just under 18 months this lady has crowd sourced just shy of $70,000 so she can gift her free energy device to humanity and in the process has been around the world yet humanity still does not have the device. If you look at campaign number 4 you will see that despite her gifting this free energy device to humanity you have to go through her to source the parts(how convenient) from the various suppliers which can be found here – interesting who supplies the first part(mouser) when you trace the parentage of that company and its ultimate owner but I will leave that to the reader to trace, it will only take a couple of clicks on Wikipedia, the irony being that so called freedom fighters are feeding the beast they portray to be fighting. The OPPT’s understanding of this free energy device can be found here via Brian Kelly this is just one of a plethora of blog wrote on this subject by these guys Hopes popularity grew when she was championed by a group called ‘THE ONE PEOPLE’ formerly known as the ‘OPPT’ or ‘The One Peoples Public Trust’ which is a groups tht claims that all governments, banks and corporations have been foreclosed under UCC filings and that they are now operating illegally and that now humanity is free to BE and DO…. in a nutshell this organisation has come along and convoluted spirituality and the sovereign movement. This cult now has a global following of believers who preach love and light but launch into vitriolic hateful vendetta against anyone who asks reasoned questions about their agendas and campaigns, but alas i’m just mentioning this here to try and build up the background of what we are dealing with here and if you have fallen asleep with boredom by now I really do apologize but I wish I could do this in shorter soundbites. Re this OPPT group I have a fair bit of info and evidence about their fraud and deception too but will expand on these in the future as I feel these are just a sub division of something much bigger. Things really got interesting regarding Hope with some very strange contradictions from the 10/04/2014. Take a looks at this post on her FB page hope 1 10042012

Take note of the date and time of the post and the date and time of the event she was attending. Followed by this post later the same day (this will become relevant later) hope 2 10042012   Which was then followed by this post quantifying the time of her appearance at the conference to be 2 days later on Saturday the 12 th   hope 3 10042012

Where this gets really interesting is followed up with a post the day after on Friday the 11 th (the day before her declared appearance at the conference) which is a little confusing hope 4 11042012

To sum this up she announced on the 10 th she would be speaking at this conference on the 12 th but on the 11 th she announced her talk that day had not been a success but she had been offered a last minute rescue package to to speak at a different event by another group of people the next day. Hang on a minute, wasn’t she already speaking at an event on the 12 th anyway? And if you read the post on the 11 th it contradicts with everything that she posted prior to that. Seems she was let down by the ‘new humanity movement’ but then rescued by the ‘new earth nation’….. although she was going to be speaking on the Saturday anyway?….. Just for the record here are 2 video clips from her presentation on the Saturday & with pictures from the event found here Next I bring you to this picture with an individual called Sacha Stone hope 4 13042012 829.100004292313540&type=1&stream_ref=10  – a few people commented on this post questioning sasha as to why he was giving this woman a platform to peddle her fake QEG machine with some reasoned questions at which point Sasha started attacking the grammar and vibrations of those who were asking the question before blocking them and deleting them, however the pre deletion conversation has been fully documented and recorded and can be found here after which the following appeared on Sachas profile   sasha While this appeared on Hopes profile hopeeee   So this prompted me to do a bit of digging into Sacha stone and this is where things got really interesting, now there is loads regarding this but im just going to share the strangest bits here which will include associations which he doesn’t deny and openly admits…….The best place to start will be his humanitad organisation here which shows that he is involved with the United Nations and an interesting video here where he talks about the ‘New Earth Project’ here now a look at the new earth project FB page reveals it has a pretty large following of 208,000 followers which is quite remarkable. So here we have someone working for the United Nations promoting a fraudulent free energy device on humanity. There is also a rather interesting letter to sacha stone here questioning his background and business dealings and while I don’t wholly agree with the letter writers sentiments regarding Gadaffi, I do not doubt the writers sincerity and a rather interesting post here in which Sacha has replied to himself and makes reference to a rather interesting character called Ciro Orsini , so I did a little bit of digging into Ciro Orsini and it seems that they are quite close friends and have been for a long time and a look at Ciros FB banner will certainly raise a few eyebrows with sacha and a famous celebrity on there but considering who Orsini is when you read this article in the daily mail then the celebrity is not so much of a surprise Now i went and checked out ciros restaurant page and it would appear to be a blank webpage, however if you left click and drag down the page it will highlight the hidden text but if it doesn’t you can just copy and paste it on to a document to read his rather interesting background, most notably this part. “The Ciro Pomodoro is expanding world wide and beyond, so if you hear that a Ciros Pomodoro is opening on the moon, please remember our Motto (Expect the Unexpected) Before we discuss the man, just a little information concerning the Name… Orsini. If we tell you that Twelve Orsini men married twelve daughters of kings and Emperors, you might slightly begin to understand the man. The Orsini were one of the most influential Italian Noble Family,s in medieval Italy, Members of the Orsini Family include 5 Popes…18 Saints…40 Cardinals and numerous significant political and religious figures, the family can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and goes as far back as the Roman Period, so the blood line is very long, and very strong.” Again this is not hidden I’m just putting the background to what this is in the hope others can help make sense of it all because for those of us who have been seeking truth and exposing corruption of the elites for years don’t really look to kindly on the black nobility of Europe but here we have a new age guru working for the UN with close ties to a descendant of Europes black nobility but has serious questions about his own business dealings as highlighted by the letter above. Which brings me to this rather strange little email trail I found from 2011 to do with events in the Ukraine and includes messages from both Sacha and Orsini to do with Yulio Tymoshenko (this needs to be read from the bottom up for the order) Yulio being one of the key players in the Ukrainian Orange Revolution and involved in the current happenings and Anti Russian rhetoric in the Ukraine. They are also heavily involved with the thrive movement too and Mr Proctor and Gamble. There is more info materializing about these people but I’m just throwing this out there to see if others can pick up on anything and add to it, it seems we have a global awakening taken place but many of those being awakened but just jumping from one box (materialistic) into another (new age) without questioning, either of which is where the control system would love to have us and I hope this information will at least cause people to pause for a second and try and find some balance between the material and spiritual and to realize that both are important to our evolution as a species.